Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Being in Hillsong once again

I for one have been to much Hillsong events, I even went to Hillsong Sydney for their conference last year.

Last sunday, they were here for concert, And being there just reminds me of being in Hillsong where people come and hour before service, waiting for the door to swing open and flood the arena / hall to grab their favourite seats.

The concert started by them coming on stage, without introduction (which is a little odd) but I guess there weren't enough space to do those "LET'S PUT OUR HANDS TOGETHER AND GIVE A LOUD APPLAUSE TO (drum roll).......(keep rolling)..... HILLSONG!!!" (screams and shouts while band member comes out on stage).

They started with The time has come, with the infamous intro and the drummer Mike was bamming away fans like YiJiang and Dinesh who happen to be a hand reach away from him. I was looking at David Andrews and his keys, and He is married ;) back to topic, After that had ended What'd you know? Take it all Well I can't help to wonder why they scream and shout when back at HPA they kept complainig "iyoh that song again?" Well magic!

That lead on Miriam saying "we'll worship you Lord for who you are" and guess what song came on of course For who you are wooo nice selection. Now I must say the worship atmosphere was so great that the voices of crowd was so loud I can't hear Miriam at all throughout all these while.

A new number surface at this point of time Hosanna which is in the new album quickly became our Favourite and they sang hard and loud at least our Guys did. I like it when the part of lyrics that says - "we're on our knees" Miriam knelt down for quite some time. Although the famous SELAH track that follows the CD did not happen, I am quite content. MIGHTY TO SAVE wow, do I need to elaborate on this? well one memorable moment is when I turn and saw some adult from our church sang with their hearts out! wow....

Another new number came in this is got to be my favourite track from the album Saviour King Nothing more need to say, the name speaks for itself. Soon after the senior pastor of the church came and talk few things about challenges in life and a very quick turn I can see Redman Bedham wisphering... Mighty to Save and we ended with Mighty to save.

Redman Bedham talks about HALLEL means ridiculous praise. I couldn't concentrate much because I am squating cramping in one spot while the girl next to me had her flare skirt all over the floor and at certain point I was on it and she was like pulling them out. Man. Soon after the concert continued with The Freedom we Know They did not sang the fourth verse which I wondered why... anyways, They move to King of Majesty and ended with a slow number Into Your Hands and what's amazing was when they moved to free worship (very rare scene you can see from them) But that's when their SELAH tracks all comes in. David Andrews took the lead and sang Mesiah just that words made into a song. Crazy. It was up and down and up. But it ended that way. Of course no concert can go on without an encore.

What's the encore? haha they boring-est song that you guys kept babbling everytime we sang it that's right Take it all =) Final thoughts? It reminds me of Hillsong Church where people are excited about worship, the bands are great and alot children* running around snapping pictures of the band

* = Just a joke

Alright there you have it, Hillsong Concert review in (almost) full detail. Beat that! ;) It is also the 1st time I able to recall the entire concert with my brain. Fuyoh


~Kimmy 사랑~ said...

may i know who wrote this post??

is cool.. n is a good piece of writing which i can really imagine how "this person"'s feeling..

how i wish i can go.. probably next yr or the following yr i onli can get to go..

take care

:: J o h n :: said...

Aligatok, Thank you... John wrote it.