Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Blessed Christmas 1970


Phew, after a week long of events and happenings I am sure tired. But it is the busiest time of the year for almost everyone. Apologies if this site hasn't been happening very much, I am still looking for contributors of all sorts. And if you have a heart to sit infront of the computer all day playing with flickr or youtube, I need you...

Well anyways, we just had our caroling and party this year so I'm gonna upload some of them here and on FLICKR as usual. Do go and check it out. And if you have any missing pictures, get them to me I'll put it up there.

So let's look at the styles this year (really sorry if your dress isn't here, I try to take as many as walked in with food haha)

But I think the champion of all champions should be this picture. Toke me 5 shots to get one right. ;)

For more pictures, And I am truly lazy to do up a picture thumbnail after much uploads today, I just put the link to the pictures alright?

For caroling pictures click here <<<<<<
For Christmas Party pictures click >>>>> here <<<<<

Which oh btw, I have montage a caroling video here. Hopefully I will still have the Christmas mood to do the Christmas party one. It is late, I got service later in the morning and I had enough of youtube and flickr. Adios.

Blessed Christmas DUDES

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