Sunday, September 28, 2008

Greetings from Hatfield

Thought I should blog this up.. read on her email is drop her a word... Or better... Send her a mail! =)


How are you?

Just want to let you know that i've settled in my new temporary home. Am staying at De Havilland Campus, University of Hertfordshire. Thank God for a safe and smooth journey. All the details fit smoothly into place and registration went well too.

This week is Overseas Student Orientation Week. There are lots of programs and social events happening everyday eg, welcome buffet lunch, film feast, Quiz night, barbeque & garden party etc. Next week is induction week. It's basically for the freshers and level 1 students to mix around and get to know each other. My classses will only start on 6 October.

I went around to explore this place in the past few days. Hatfield is a small, quiet place. There's hardly any attractions. There's a shopping mall near my campus - about 5 minutes walk. It's mostly factory outlets and discount stores. It's probably the size of Subang Parade. Besides that, there's a supermarket -ASDA near the town, which is almost half an hour by walk. The town area is quite small, just a few rows of double single storey shop houses.

My room is quite comfortable. I have an attach bathroom. The Kitchen is right outside my door and I have kitchen duties every Friday - need to clean the rubbish from the Kitchen and take it down to the main garbage area before 9.00am. My hall has 13 rooms but I haven't met all my neighbors yet. There are at least 4 Malaysians including me. Oh, there's a notice board in my room above my table. It's currently empty. You can probably mail me some pictures / stuff for me to post on the notice board.

Here's my contact details:
  • Address: Room 10
Flat 8
Aldenham Hall
De Havilland Campus
AL10 9BL

Oh Oh don't ask me about the weather here because I don't know what's the temperature. Googled it and here's what i found -
Weather for Hatfield

Current:Mostly Cloudy
Wind: E at 8 mph
Humidity: 47%
18°C 8°C
Mostly Sunny
18°C 7°C
Mostly Sunny
19°C 6°C
15°C 9°C

It's quite cold and windy, and it gets colder everyday.

All right, Look forward to hear from you soon! Take Care!

Warm regards,

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