Monday, August 10, 2009

End of the spear

Whoa. Quaterly updates. This is long but we're gonna revive it.

We watched 'End of the Spear' movie last saturday and it was awe-inspiring.

This wasn't the 1st time I've watched it. In fact I wanted to watch it in youth after one fine day of reading Jesus Freak II which contained stories from them and to use it to just inspire people to reach out and with the movie having so many things to learn, From using the airplane as a tool to reaching out, Being passionate to make contact to forgiveness. Man!

If you don't already know the movie, it is about how 5 missionaries turned the once cannibalism and man-hunting tribe (Waodani) to a tribe that till today went all around the world to share gospel. This is truly truly amazing. Although the message has very subtle messages about the gospel but the effect that the 5 missionaries remained until today.

One of my favourite quote was actually from Nate Saint when he was answering his son when his son asked if the dad would use his gun. He told him "Son, we can't shoot the Waodani, they are not ready for heaven. But we are." WOW that was a one liner that literally put the whole movie to its height. The passion to its core!

The movie was so good that at 1st I was suppose to do like some sort of closing, giving extra annotation to the movie helping them understand how we can use simple methods to evangelise, going out to the mission field etc... I did absolutely nothing. Because it was just too good and they know it. Some wanted to watch it again. So? What's you opinion of the movie guys?

Steve Saint and Micanyani in real life

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