Saturday, October 28, 2006


hey folks! eager to know what happened last saturday?? lol i hope there're at least afew viewers of this blog yea! okay, firstly, i want to mention how awesome was last friday prayer meeting! God's presence was so obvious within the church sanctuary. people were being moved by the Holy Spirit. and soon ALL those who came for prayer, went to the altar as a symbol of rededicating our lives again to our Jehovah. it was way way waayyy awesome!! haha, ok!

so what happened last GRYP-day?? (btw, now for us GRYPers, its officially declared that saturdays are now known as GRYP-day!!)

started of with prayer (we no longer pray in the praying room, but at the main sanctuary) and two newcomers were with us (happy to have you guys, Yvonne and Wai Men!) then it was worship, led by my own cifu- John lol. we people were jumping and dancing for the Lord and we had a great time praising and worshiping. so, it was games time!! called the 'big squeeze' game. the youth were instructed to squeeze themselves together to form whatever objects that the gamemasters said. example:a platform,high heel sandal,a cupboard. well, sad to say it AGAIN, guys won over the girls AGAIN and AGAIN and over over AGAIN haha what can i say? the guys are just getting more creative and lame each second lol. soon the game ended and weeeeee sermon time!! this is afew pointers from it...

*Matthew 5:6-8
There must be a difference between the believers and non-believers.

Three attitudes:
1/ upward
--a change in our desire, hunger for righteousness.
# a hunger that motivates us for action.
2/ outward
--showing mercy to those who needs it.
3/ inward
--pure in heart (sincere)
# you can't change the surroundings, but you can change the inside.

God is with us

p/s:hope to see you guys this coming GRYP-day for those who missed last week's meeting!!

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