Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Secret Angel

written by : Debbie Soh
edited by : John
photos : Debbie Soh

YA was good awesome and fun... worship... preaching....

Today is the day that we finally get to reveal day for angel and human/mortal game..FUN!!

Each person in YA are given a "human" and they are to play a role of a secret angel and our task is to do good to his/her human..giving pretty stuff, sweet msgs..blabla.. so everyone in YA were involved in the game the game lasted for one whole month.

The funniest bit was to hear all the sweet stuff their angel did or wat type of angel they have or the weirdest thing that they gave..In the end all was unexpected to know who their angels were.

Lastly, The best angel goes to PETER ANG..aged 13, one of the youngest boy in YA...he's quiet but who knws he's sweet haha... let us be a good angel too... :)

We're now having a new program, it is called "MaxIS" (Maximum Impact Session) Devotional group..a new program in YA..sort of we have small groups discussing about our devotional thoughts and helps in our spiritual growth as well... check out the pictures...not much pics taken coz battery was low..hehe.. next time, will have more interesting stuff...and pictures...wait for more and keep log in to this page ppl!!!!

GBU (God Bless U)

Woship Team Leading in Worship

Chin Hoe on the far left

Peter Ang!! Got award for being the nicest angel aww

Now that's Peter Ang's Mortal - Deborah Gan...

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Jup said...

Wow-wee! really lots of happening stuffs have been going on. praise God for the great stuff He's doing in GRYP. i do miss u guys back home. looking through this blog just makes me miss you guys even more! i pray all's going well with you guys. looking forward to going back! Cheers =)