Sunday, November 26, 2006


written by: John

UNITED UNITED UNITED... well the time has come for us to stand united. And after a long wait, they are finally here. the Hillsong United, (Christian Worship Band from Australia). God forgive me that I thought it is almost look too good to be true... But true to their words, Joel Houston and his band came and ministered to us.

I prefer Joel Houston compare to Marty Samson haha I know most people would say MARTY!! but to me Joel is more of a leader kinda guy. If you have seen Marty and Joel maybe you'll say the same thing. Marty is more like a stonner really.

But anyways... they came and they sang like more than 15 songs in 5 albums... haha that's like awesome, which really went beyond my expectation. thank them for that. I am that those who went experience something good, different and I hope that they have really learn a thing or two from that concert, I know I have.

20 Dollars well spent, Well, they have said that they are coming back, although I don't know when, but those who missed it this time, cry-not! because they'll be back.

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