Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Cassie monolog-ing:-

ppl ppl ppl...all you out there...man it's like only 3 more days till Code Red!...have you guys clear this coming saturday night to watch the Christmas play?if you have not...this is what you should do...

1) keep yourself free on the 23rd of december,saturday night...7:00pm
2) come in proper clothing...nope,your dress code does not have to be red...you see,that's only the NAME of the play
3) don't come alone..no one likes to be alone..bring along a companion..bring friends!
4) get yourself to Hosanna Praise Assembly before time...you don't want to be stuck in the jam..having to fight for a parking space...or end up sitting on the floor during the play..missing the beautiful expressions of the actors/actresses...(okay..i'm just kidding =p )
5) take the lift to 5th floor,find a seat,..sit back..and relax..and enjoy the play!
6) right..handphones...silent mode or switch off..unless you desire for them to be baptized!

man..i'm so excited!...aren't you all?weeeeeeeeee......

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