Saturday, January 05, 2008

1st YA for 2008

Goodbye 2007 and Welcome 2008! Yeah, we’ve come to another new year and I would say that many are looking forward for this year as 2007 was kinda ok ok la for YA (…to me la).

Our first YA for 2008.. I would say it’s not really that exciting BUT it’s a meeting that was quite close to the heart to me (dunno what am I saying). I felt peace and comfort throughout the meeting and praise God for His presence was there and moving gently among His children.

Worship… I leave it to God to comment la. Testimonies were more of school stuff since schools have just started. Yeah, by the way…Welcome to YA the form Ones! Pray that you guys can energise the YA more…hehe. We had an interesting game session where we Bang others with our powerful pistols made out of our own little hands (some called them machine guns coz they have Big hands...haha).

The preaching by Pastor Peter for this 1st YA of the year was timely gila… Pastor spoke on spirituality in youths. He mentioned that nowadays many, especially the adults doubt the Christian youths are spiritual but he said indeed there many spiritual youths who are really radical for God despite of those who love to go to church just to have fun with their peers.

However, Pastor warned us to always be careful of bad companies and pressures from the world that would affect our spirituality and eventually strain our relationship with God. All these things may take place in our lives and yet we don’t feel it’s happening until it’s too late because sometimes we tend to compromise our faith little by little and we think it’s ok.

So I would say everyone of us really need to walk closely with God in order to stay spiritually strong and not to forget that we always need to ask God for wisdom so that we’re able to make the Right decisions.

Yeah, before I end… Happy Belated B’day Amy Chong! and Sorry that Felicia thought you’re seating for PMR this year…haha. Ok la that’s all…God Bless!



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