Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year Blessings

New year is here. Remember to make your resolutions. It is important to make them as they give you guide on what you're suppose to be accomplishing! For this year, let's try to be involve in project T.A.L.K. (TRY A LITTLE KINDNESS)

Let's get out and just be nice to people, people you don't know, people you know. Although I can't promise that there'll be a star for you on your chart, we should all just do it!

Eh, help promote this blog ar... A lot people don't really visit to this blog I don't know why. Our own member also don't visit so help pull them over. And also we need contributors of all sorts la. No update how people want to return to see???

Alright! May your year be a cheerful and memorable one!

And here's group shot taken during HPA Worship Team makan!


Debbie Soh said...

haha... that moment that night was crazy and funny... no words to describe.. maybe got..one.. Memalukan la...but syok hahaha

Wee Ling said...

people do check out this blog! me! hahah happy new year to everyone in GRYP!