Sunday, March 09, 2008

College Ministry

Hello fellow Grypers

1stly I apologize for the lack of updates on this blog. Yes as we all know before that we are starting the college ministry. The official launch date is going to be in the 1st week of April this year.

I know, many have doubts and plenty of why this? why that? why can't we...? and what is going to happen? what will happen... ?

Ok... we have said this before and I am saying it again. Part of the reason why we are moving our is because our age are growing however not our numbers it is hard to actually cater and reach to both high school and college level. I guess you can picture this as the cases are similar. It could be like asking the youth to join children in their service not as helpers but as regular members. I am not stating that the youth are like children, but the situation is similar.

I know we have been saying we are "splitting". That word is indeed a very negative remark and sadden people. And we're sorry for that. Don't view it as we are really splitting the group up but rather having the college to move on to a new ministry and began reaching out to college people respectively. In times to come (which I don't see it as very long) we will have to look into young adults ministry when our college one explodes.

Yes the group might be smaller in both the college and the youth. But who say small groups can't do big things? Do not let the numbers pull our spirit down. As to what will we be doing? For the youth, nothing changes we still have service every Saturday. The college and the youth are not both separated bodies but it is still functioning as one. We will still work together in activities and sorts.

As much as I would love to answer your questions, I hope so to, If you still have any questions, please come and ask me. To strip it all down, we are very nervous and shaken as well because we really do not know what outcome would be like because we too have never been in this kind of position. But truly we felt that it is a right thing to do for the benefit of all.

Please always keep us and this thing into prayer and as prepared as we can get we are still not sure the outcome would be like. Do play a part as well in being more active as nothing is successful if everyone chooses to sit back and fold their arms and just see what is going to happen. Give extra 10% of your effort and when you did, give another 10 push yourself to the limit and I can guarantee you that you'll not regret

God bless.

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