Thursday, March 20, 2008

Teamwork Lesson

Watch this before reading the text

I ran across this video while browsing YOU TUBE and this is something I have never seen before (Maybe you have...) I love National Geographic, Discovery but Nothing like this I have seen. I thought usually they would just abandon whoever that got caught as food.

As blunt as it is, this serves as a lesson be in life or in youth group. We need to work as a team to get something done in whichever area. Of course we should not stray away (like the family from the herd) in the 1st place. But when just one is in trouble, the trouble is shared among everyone.

Notice that when the buffaloes came back they were hunters although they are the weaker party of the food chain, they became the hunter because they stick together Leaving no space for the lion to run or escape. And Notice that when they charge against the big cats they did not went alone but with a few strong bulls. That's how we should be when we're having problems bigger than us.

As comical as my imagination gets, I would love to see what happen during the 'disappearance' of the buffaloes. It is almost human isn't it? to go and seek help... This youth group should be that as well. When you're facing problems, of course you seek God's help and guidance but if you need humans, come to us, tell us and we're not perfect but more brains are better than 1 brain.

The Family that sticks together grow together



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