Monday, August 07, 2006


Written by: Jason Soh

This week's YA was awesome! At first, during the discipleship class, a few of us were watching the video about God’s greatness.. GI-NORMOUS (GIGANTIC-ERNOMOUS). [[He Is MiGhTy To SaVe!]] That’s truly what God is! The preacher in the video showed a lot of pictures of the universe, and I was really amazed at the glory of God. Wow…. During prayer time, the presence of God was really felt in us.. Worship was cool, really cool. The games: musical chair. Quite lame rite? But it turned out fun. Keke.. Bunch of lame ppl.. The preaching was good. Pastor Nirhal (PN) preached about a life of GRYPers as a community. United we stand! We are ONE! Hehe… That’s about it, I guess. Sayonara!

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angeliCassie said...

lame?....LAME?!...who are you calling lame?..speak yourself dude lol...but honestly,it was quite fun..and it's only chairs =p and yup..stand united as one =)