Thursday, August 17, 2006


Start saving now for another exciting HUGE CAMP
HUGE stands for 'Have You Got Enuf '- it is an annual Christian youth camp. Youth come from all over Malaysia, from different denominations and groups.

Date: 11th-14th December 2006
Venue: Water City Resort, Malacca.
Theme: SOLD (Galatian 2:20)

The rest of details will be posted up once we have further confirmation.


Kimberly said...

hello everyone back home,
is great to c the YA is growing n continue to grow..

aiks HUGE camp.. ahh.. i want to go.. still remember i had alot of funs n learnt alot of new things from it..

so me here in Aust, encourage all of u to go.. but i guess i no need to say anything.. u all surely will support this great event.. right?

so do take care.. n do write some emails to me too.. miss u all n all the best for everything.. n God is with the God's Radical Young People in HPA.. bye!

Gryp said...

man..i wanna go.. this time I dunwan get sick,,,haha...
coz i wanna hav FUN and BE BLESSED!


Gryp said...
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Christine Soh said...

i 100% i wana go! (: