Sunday, September 10, 2006

How to walk successfully

written by:- Cassie =)

YA started off with prayer in the nursery room....i don't know about you guys,but for me,YA is not complete without the prayer meeting beforehand,try joining the prayer and maybe one day,we'll be large enough and we'll be no longer praying in the nursery room =)...prayer was awesome..we prayed for God's protection...though it was gloomy outside..the weather and all...pretty cold inside..but worship was full of fire...worship was lead by *drum roll* Christine,cheers for the shorty!...i actually jump...i DID jump joe,so you see,i'm cool =p....(oh btw,no offense to those who didn't jump)

then off to was really fun that day...sorry for anyone who had to miss it haha...we had fun watching the guys lose to the girls...muahahaha..we played human tic-tac-toe...and it was silly of Quan wei to come up with mathemathics equations to confuse us..okay fine,2+2x2 IS 6!...but overall...good job to Quan wei and really,i don't mind playing it again...beating the guys again...=p and we have the "secret angels" mailbox reminder to all "angels"...remember to do your thing =p (ooooo i can't wait to get something <----see,example of wrong mentality...should be ooooo i can't wait to bless someone =) ,don't i just learn fast? ;) )'s the first time i hear bro john share...though he said he had done it 3 times already...simple bible verse..but quite meaningful...proverbs 3:5-6..."Trust in the LORD with all your heart,and lean not on your own understanding;in all your ways acknowledge Him,and He will make your paths straight"....what John said is's hard to trust someone that's not physical nor visible..that's why trust comes only with faith..."don't act smart"..and we should always put God first in all the choices we make,and i was only joking about "Lady's choice"...sorry John =)

and so...YA ended...looking forward to next week

p/s:i was also only joking when i said "yay,Pastor Nirhal not here"....i miss him hehe"

God does not reveals His will for our lives to us by handling us blueprints or manual books,but by opening a long scroll,bit by bit,everyday" was something like that la...with a few alteration here and there...=)

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ah Joe said...

ya la cassie cool la, :P make sure to infect others and continue every week.