Sunday, September 10, 2006

written by: Debbie Soh

Youth Alive, you can call it "YA" that’s where i go every Saturday in Hosanna Praise Assembly Church. okie, i'm here not just to advertise YA but to share the good things in YA that i encounter't good to share something COOL!!!! lolz..don't miss it...

YA makes me feel Good…coz God's presence is everywhere and the people there can just either make u laugh, smile, shout, cry…whatever you name it. But all is good. All because God is Good all the Time...well, me myself, I used to be some one who just doubt about Who God is? well today, I found my God.....HE’S NAME IS JESUS....He's real. don’t play play!! ;)

Yup, nothing is better than JESUS CHRIST...try taste and is sweet whahaha…seriously...Jesus makes your live better, we have the joy even in times of trouble...coz HE is with us nah not joking coz I can be your prove when I’m sad / I’m down / I’m depress maybe people around you will just turn away and walk BUT JESUS never leaves me..never never never...He never gives up.

People out there..who are reading this..Comm'on..try to know our God, Jesus, it won't "merugikan" you!!! It is awesome if all of you can join us in this youth meeting YA as it really helps me in my daily walk with God and i bet it will be Great for U…

Youth Alive every saturday in HPA, don't miss this opportunity to join us…coz it is Fun, you get to be Cool, lame, lots of games,gals, guys..yea rite....haha.. Most can get to know God better...feel Him!!!
LOST??? Be found again... YA helps!!...MAN.. it really does... :)

God Bless..and be blessed

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