Wednesday, September 20, 2006


written by: Issac Lim

Life is a race
That i need to face
Sometimes it's tough to keep up the pace
And I get lost without a trace
I want peaceI need peace
The Prince of peace
Given me peace through His grace
True peace can I now embrace

By filling the X spot in the X- ace, life is viewed in various perspectives.

1.No doubt life is a R-ace. A race is what drives us to the finish line. To finish life on top. To fulfill and achieve the best you can possibly able to. Don't race for nothing, know what race it is, why are u racing, and who r u racing for?

2. All of us need to F-ace it. Every breath we take supplies us the air for us to work our muscles and continue racing. Who gave us the breath of life?

3. Nobody likes to fail, but sometimes it is through falling we can learn to be stronger. There is no need to be ashamed of failing and hide oneself without any T-race. Everyone goes through it. In our weakness, He is magnified. Don't worry when u fail, coz He never fails.

4. P-eace is what we lack, what we want, and what we need. Men look for peace in theirwallets. But is not money the cause of unrest?? True peace can only be given and not bought. What is true peace? Only the Prince of Peace can give you true peace and rest needed for this race.

5. All we need to do is Embr-ace. True peace is experienced if one would only receive it and embrace Jesus. Yes, embrace Him. Don't just know Him, embrace with all your heart.

It is true that God is omnipresent but if u want to feel the amplification of His presence and if u are curious who this Prince of peace is.. come on over to GRYP youth alive :)

forgiven and not forsaken,


Gryp said...

cool! reali inspired me!!
to those who read tis, make it ur devo tot 4today! it's awesome!

angeliCassie said...

really deep thoughts...and enlightening too =)

p/s:-isaac could make things rhyme!

Ian T said...

cool...nice poem dude....

Anonymous said...

just beautiful...