Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thank You Note

Written by: Eastlyn
Edited by: John
To Grypers, Wow ! The blog is in orange.Ok, so be Bright for God ! I am delighted to know that Grypers has its own blog. I never knew gryp had a blog until i went for the night rally of huge camp and i saw the camping booklet. I browsed it and towards the back i saw an advertisment page of gryp. i read it and that was where i saw
As it was my first time viewing the blog, i must say that i had input from the writtings of other has been nearly 2 months, i have not been attending youth. A big thank you to those of you who posted the keywords for the past youth sermons. One of my all time fovourites is x-ace by Issac.
With this Gryp blog , i no longer feel that i am faraway from youth. i can still know what's latest in the gryp community and events.As i will be leaving for overseas in a month's time,i will not forget this web address. Obviously when i am there(Australia), i will be missing you guys and my cure for missing gryp will be viewing the blog.
Continue to keep the blog active with some wrtting and etc. Finally just one comment - It would be good if gryp could upload a calender. Then it would be useful for those grypers living overseas to know what's the latest happening for that chosen year. For an instance, when is youth sunday and etc. !
With love and regards,
Wee Eastlyn

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