Thursday, December 21, 2006

Code Red

On behalf of the church and GRYP I would like to thank Peter Wong for helping us get this particular CD. Yep this is our Christmas Play and this item is as good as obselete. we have this in cassete which was like 10 years ago.

But all of a sudden the cassete just failed on us. So I decided to call in friends from the states to get it and rip it to mp3. and that's where Peter came into the scene. He did extra mile of making sure that the cd reaches in time and transfered. Thank You once again.

That give all the more reason why everyone should come and see the play because this is really something AWESOME! =) Be there early so that you don't miss the best seats... 7.30pm is the event and 23rd is the date...

Alright Take Care.. Till Then...

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