Saturday, January 06, 2007

Great Start

written by:-Cassie

hey hey hey!Happy New Year to everyone!well,today was the first week of YA in 2007,and it was a really great start =) amen?

today we had the YES (Youth Enriching School) people with us...they were visiting and i dare say,we were truly blessed with their visit..

oh man,why am i blogging so formally?sorry..i'm just over-excited about the butt ball...i'm here to just tell you about butt ball (yea right..) okay for games,today we had butt ball,it's like captain ball,but the only difference is we can't move around because we're all seated and our butt is stuck to the see there's two teams,team one and team first team 2 scored,and the team 1,was a bit disappointed..(well,i was!and i'm team yea)...but i thought we'll have a chance...mana tau,the team 2 kept scoring and scoring till it was 4-0...and i almost want to sub to team 2!(call me traitor...) then quan wei,the game master,said that the next goal will be worth 4 points...and guess who scored?that's ONE!!!and man...suddenly the sun shine so brightly..haha...nah..then the next goal will determine the winner...and you know what?!team ONE won!!!...we won,we won!!!...see,i always believe that each team have a fair share of winning if the game is still on =)

on a serious note,today's sharing was great...we had 2 testimonies from the YES ppl...sau yip and david...and yes,wake up in the morn,and see His face,think of Him and sing His songs..that's a good point...and bro john did some sharing today on resolutions...the thing is ppl have resolutions but don't get them john told us to write this down before listing our resolutions,which is "i will not resolute this resolutions next year"...there's 3 type of resolutions,physical resolutions,professional resolutions and spiritual resolutions...he told us to always have God in all our resolutions,because at the end of the day,man can plan,but only God will strategize our steps...and we should all write down our resolutions and not just have ideas in our mind (*cough cough*)...because habakkuk 2:2 says "write my answers plainly on tablets,so that a runner can carry the correct message to others" (NLT)

though YA got off to a great start,it is always good to end the race for the year 2007 well point starting strong and then wiggle off to a corner,right my frens?i hope that GRYP would grow,not only in numbers,but for each of us to grow spiritually stronger in the Lord,that we would continue to persevere and stay united always,not forgetting to have a passion for Christ,and to reach out...and to...okay,i'll sum it be God's Radical Young People!=p

oh yea...i would like to end by telling you one of my resolutions...but don't go tell anyone,k?shhh...which is to blog more for GRYP

p/s:-thanks bro john for "re-decorating" this blog and for adding a chat box (yay!)

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John said...

Well just think a new year should have a new outlook =) hope all likes it though