Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Text: John Tan
Photo: Chin Hoe

January 01 2007 saw the leaving of one of the greatest friend, shepherd, pastor, father, etc... And the person is of course non other than Pastor Nirhal Philips. It is definitely a great lost to Hosanna Praise Assembly, and more so a great lost to GRYP.

Although this youth group started by the other founders, but he build it up with strong foundations and the youth group became what it is that you see today, 9 years of continuous training and drilling has what made this youth group strong and able to stand on both feets.

After this long 9 years, God has decided to call him to move on to another challenging ministry and another phase of life that he should get exposed to and it is always good to keep ourselves refresh every time before we rot at one place eh?

Thank you for all the years of teaching myself and the others about principles in life and spiritual principle and getting our own foundation and thinking pattern fixed. Really appreciate that and we will do our best to run the youth as good as you did and maybe even better than what you did. Afterall it is your vision that we'll run it better than you did.

Thanks and once again, we'll greatly miss your ministry here.


joleen said...

Ps Nirhal, come to hope church la hehehe

nirhal said...

hahaha - almost! I'm joining Book of Hope! ;)