Sunday, January 28, 2007


Written by: John


Well It was a good parent-youth day yesterday and I was truly surprised by the turn out, many of them which their children is still very far ahead from being a teenager. But I guess they were curious of what we did in Youth

Glad we showed them that we are actually not bad people MUAHAHAHAHA... haha for those parents who came, I believed that they felt how "packed" our schedule is and usually they'll say.. Why you spend so much time in church la, this la, that la. But in the end I guess they felt that time past that fast too right parents? HAHA

I can see most of them enjoyed being a youth.. A special Thanks too to Uncle Oliver, Aunty Linda and Uncle Micheal for the "promotion" today at church about the youth service, much of what we want to get across today are being said. THANK YOU

Well, I will upload the 'games' video pretty soon I hope >.<

But while we are at the joyous mood, why don't you check out some top ten trivia about GRYP

John sign-off

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Nirhal said...

My favorite:

5. Gryp can sleep for three and a half years.

Hmm.... sounds familiar? What is this Gryp la?

Gryp or GRYP? Haha!