Monday, February 12, 2007


written by:-Cassie

Greetings =)

for those of you who couldn't make it for last saturday's oh my,what a GREAT meeting you missed!

It was not a usual Saturday for the youths,it was a special meeting in conjunction with the healing rally over the weekend,and the speaker was Rev Ignatius Omoighe.Well,this is just a short summary from Saturday's preaching...all i can say is that hearing him speak made me regret not attending Friday's prayer meeting the night before,which he also spoke...and i did not take notes,because i couldn't take my eyes off him..because his passion in preaching is really awesome,what were you thinking?=p

The preaching was mainly about faith is dead without actions,which is actually quite true,ppl dun have faith until they see something happen..."so and terrible also can get saved,so have faith that your so and so can also get saved" (my own example) but got the point right?and also he made me see from a point of view that i never saw before...on a simple,yet complex thing that God did for you and me.Creating creations!God took 6 days to create everything there is in this universe,in fact more than the universe,(don't you feel small now?),yet people today,after 6000 years are still making discovery of new stuff everyday!this got me thinking..that he's right...because God took one day to make man,and yet the Human Genome project is yet to be completed.ain't God awesome?

He also mention about the youths,and how useful we are to God,because we are still young and God will use us to do so much more,he's very glad to see us all hyped-up and stuff...oh well,just trying to be God's Radical Young People =)and he also shared a story,where an old man and a small young boy were saved,and when someone asked,"how many are they saved today?"...the pastor answered "1 and the half"..i was thinking that the pastor was referring to their sizes..but he was actually talking abt their life spent on earth,because the old man was already old...half his life is already gone without knowing God,hence leaving the "other half" saved (it's simple mathematics =p ) therefore praise God that you are young and you know God! =)

He also side-tracked to point out that,he's preaching to himself...saying that whatever that God wants to tell us is coming through him,therefore he is the first to get God's message and then preach it.never look at it that way before...

later he concluded by quoting romans 8:11-"And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit, who lives in you"

because God made us,there is no reason He isn't capable or wouldn't heal us and make our body whole again,all we have to do is have faith and ask for it.

and I conclude my post wishing everyone,all Grypers including those overseas!,a Blessed Chinese New Year...say your journey mercy before starting on your journey back home-town..see you guys soon!=)

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