Saturday, March 03, 2007


written by:-Cassie =)
added and edited by: John

hello peeps....after what seems like a very very long 3 weeks!...YA is finally back...aren't we all glad that we're back being our bouncy self,saturday afternoon in our comfy church?many turn up today...though there were a few MIA (missing in action) souls..but we have a new-comer..and an old/new comer...ain't i confusing? ok i promise no more monolouging from me after this paragraph.

so...we started off YA with...what did i hear you say?worship?WRONG ANSWER...ppl,where have you been?YA started off with prayers!!!we prayed for encouragement...and before we started prayer..Toefl asked us an unanswered question.."what is YA all about?"...i don't know abt you...but as we pray..and as i hear different youths pray..i found the answers to that one question.YA is about God,and about one another =)

worship was worship is awesome if you mean what you i hope many of you manage to trade some,if not all,of your burdens for the joy of the Lord =) then we were off to testimonies...and then games...oh man...God's Radical Young People out of control today...throwing balls at each other...this shows that we know how to have fun too =p..i never got to know if i won or not..i mean if group one or group two won...right Quan Wei,the game master..declared Joman the winner..because he damage the plastic container that they kept the balls in...haha..if you were there to witness'll burst out laughing too!

then we had preaching...first time ever by...*drum rolls*...Joe =) great job...he had some stories,which he did some sound effects himself haha..ok on a serious note,he preach about "Purpose With Passion"...mainly talking about the many reasons(fine...5--->see i pay attention!) why ppl loose passion in things...the first point where he said about something precious becoming familiar...really hit me on the chest..i pray that for all of us..something as precious as Jesus Christ would never just be something familiar in our life =)

and Joe also mention abt loving the have the passion to love the unlovable..why you think God ask us to love our enemy?=p and he ended his preaching with a's about a story of father and son Rick Hoyt(son) and Dick Hoyt(father)..who has been joining marathons and races for __ years (sorry..i'm bad with memory numbers)...and they completed ___miles (same reason as before) of races...well,to cut a long story short..they do things that you and i thought is impossible because the son is paralysed.did i just hear you gasp?*gasp* the song "I can only imagine" accompanying this video...just blow me away...hope it does for you...also that you will be encouraged by this video,believing that with God,you can make the impossible,possible in your life!


Nirhal said...

awesome video.... is this qualified to be called "agape love" - its got my vote!!!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I love this song, especially the version by Amy Grant; simply sublime.