Monday, March 26, 2007

Grypers Abroad

Hello Grypers, Since we have a great communication tool, the blog, we can achieve something that we are unable to do previously, I decided to post this up. If you are familiar with the STAR NEWSPAPER, sometimes they have articles on MALAYSIAN ABROAD. They feature articles of Malaysian who are well do to in other countries. And we, have our own column here in GRYP! We feature GRYPERS abroad.

What is it that I am talking about? A week ago, I have receive this is a mail Eastlyn, I hope you all are still in contact with her, You can SMS her using the old MAXIS number (yes MAXIS is so good that people do bring it abroad). This is a long mail.

MELISSA, KIM, WEE LING, JU PING, If you're reading this, send some updates about yourselves. Why because you are still apart of us. We do hope to spread our Grypiness elsewhere in the world...

- John
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19 MARCH 2007
Hey Grypers ,

Yesterday i had a wonderful time and saw somebody too.. i saw Edwin Teh (Ju ping's brother) in Hillsong. i was so glad and shocked too. yesterday too, was the live worship recording album for Hillsong church 07. it was held in the acer arena at Sydney Olympic stadium. it was the first time that the recording centre was in acer arena as the previous one was in Sydney entertainment centre , Darling Harbor. the bible verse for this year's recording album is from Psalms 24.

The arena was packed with people. Its trully an international church because there were not only australian but also asian,negro's,european,scandinavian, and etc.

As usual Darlene was leading worship along with Joel Houston, Reuben Morgan, Marty Sampson and the rest of the group. there was a new comer too. she sang the hosanna(Song) and another song in the live worship. she has a good voice.

After singing about 6 songs we had break where we saw church news. In order to get a reserved seat for the live worship we had to purchase an AUD 5 ticket. the AUD 5 can be refunded if you choose not to donate to the Koloomandra drought. i decided to donate my aud 5 ticket to the drought. nothing please me more when i see my aud 5 is use wisely. Moreover i was bless to be in the live worship and i believe the aud 5 will be able to help the drought though its just a small amount. Then Pastor Brian was getting a little lame with jokes to make sure than we are awake and etc.

Colour conference was equally great. the amount of delegates exceeded hillsong's expectations. we had good speakers. i didnt make it for the colour conference but am planning to go for the 08 and to get my mum to come. the colour 2008 colour conference is on the 6 - 8 March 2008.(autumn season). by then if you guys are coming to syd you guys can fly by jetstar airlines. its Quantas Ailines low cost carrier. It's almost like air asia. jet star from syd to kl but have to check whether does it fly from kl to syd

The united album - all of the above is out too. it is a studio album not live version but there are 2 bonus live songs and other clippings. i have not gotten my copy yet but will be getting it by this week.

The live worship album will only be out in jun or july (near to the hillsong conference) . i plan to serve in hosting(Ushering) for the 5 pm service and i will be attending the 11.30 am service.

Its tremendous blessing to be in Syd. staying and studying in the city, attending hillsong and having a good circle of international friends and having my parents approving for my intention to study at hillsong evening college - leadership course. though my parents are not believing christian but when they see how God is leading and guiding me here, they decided to attend church back in malacca. I am excited for their decision making. i know my parents will one day be a believing Christian. Nothing brings me joy when i see my parents praying for me. for those gryp people parent's who are not christian. hang in there and continue to believe. what God has bless me here i will share it with you guys.

Just within 2 months that i arrived in hillsong chruch, there was so much things that i learned . Hillsong indeed is a great church but if you are just attending and not expecting something its just a waste down the drain. to me i see Hillsong church and it's congregation as a married couple. it must has the continious bond of relationship,united,team work and etc and that is how congreation and church grow. Hillsong is a church that never sleep. there is always people behind and infront the scene and in the places that you would never thought too.

take care and God bless

Eastlyn Wee

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Wat abt Minjun, Jason Liew...? We do also have GRYPper guys too! *wink*