Sunday, April 01, 2007

The boy and his boat

written by: John

Hello, It is going to be easter in 7 days time. While we don't have snowflakes, Easter trees or gift exchange, we received something from Jesus - An open door to Salvation.

I've got here a little story about (as what the title says). This is not an original story, but it is truly inspiring for me personally. And I created the title because the story didn't have one.

The boy and his boat

There was a boy who likes to build and construct small models. One day he built a small boat and right immediately he went to the beach to test out his new boat. It works, but the ocean waves soon carry the small little boat further and further away from the beach and far into the ocean. It was too far and dangerous to retrieve it back. Sadly the boy went home.

Not long after that, he was shopping around and he passed by a toy shop. To his amazement, he saw a small little boat. A closer look confirmed that it was his boat. He was filled with joy. A few weeks later, with much hard work, he manage to save up the amount and quickly went to the toy shop to purchase the boat.

When he was out of the shop filled with joy, he told that small little boat, "now you are twice mine. I made you and now I bought you with a price."

In the same way, not only did God created us, he send his son to redeem us.

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Have a good blessed Easter everyone =)

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