Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sleepover! (guys)

Well, it was the guy's sleepover night the last fri-sat, and it was quite good! in fact, it was really nice and enjoyable...

We ate a lil after service and head back to church for fellowship. It is indeed nice to have Pastor Peter and Pastor Nirhal to join us for a time of games and fellowship.

I expected more younger generation people (those that knows no sleep) to join. But it turns out that there were more older ones there. Well, anyway, We played pictionary, well indeed we use action. Playing that game is kinda tough because the words given were pretty easy -_- I have to choose some hard ones. And playing with Matthew and all is harder also. Because the words that are medium and hard he don't know. The one that are easy were too easy.

That was done and the winner team was Matthew, Aaron, Pastor Nirhal and Johanan. NICE! After that some of them played scrabble and many played the game of life. It is interesting. I played neither. Just rested a while, chat with Pastor Peter a while.. Chat with Johanan on the bulletin board. And that was it.

3AM lights off! yep we went to bed and Joe got his own inflatable air bed. I slept on the floor. Dinesh was coughing non-stop. A symphony of orchestra was playing every corner of the room. and variations non-stop. I don't really bother. TOO TIRED hahaha.Some can't really sleep. Were there tiny friends? Of course not.. they're good pets they stay in toilets. so girls...Church is not haunted with them.

The next morning... 8AM devotion O.o we did a proverbs and we did everyone think and have a bit of devotion thoughts. I like that. Then we decided to eat MCd for breakfast because it is rare occasion. We ate there. After that I had to rush off do some work. The guys went and watch NEMO hahaha I arrived when the show ended.

My verdict? I like sleepovers haha although I am too old and my bones are too fragile, But it is still fun. CHURCH is really comfortable to sleep in the air-con does get cold in the morning though. DUH!

Alright maybe we'll hear reports from the girls next week huh. ;)

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