Sunday, April 22, 2007

sleepover is over?

reported by:-Cassie =p
cut and edited (a lot) by JOHN =D

time:-night time?
venue:-Yaw's palace
occasion:-GRYG a.k.a God's Radical Young Girls sleepover =p

ok fine..maybe that was lame..well,that's cause i have no idea how to start the blog..i tried being formal,but it's so not my style =p anyway..the night started out quite late..before reaching the Yaw's place..some of us came from church and we dropped by at the ProJet to get some stuff to stuff our face with later.reached Yaw's place...and we were warmly welcomed =)really thank you so much for opening up your house for us crazy bunch to sleepover =)

and so we started off with...eating..yes..that's right..we had junk food..maggi mee and Steph's mum made raisins bread for us too! we ate,and ate,and ate(the girls are gonna kill me for this)..until it was time to go down to the room..this is where all the fun started...can you believe that Christine and i danced to Christmas thing?anything for entertainment..and Kristina was playing judge and all..Deborah danced too..then we almost,ALMOST get to see Debbie and mama bear dance,but something happened.

I heard man's voices while the dog was braking wildly into the silent night.told them to keep i can hear properly to confirm but girls being girls,they couldn't stop giggling,so i told them "i heard man's voice" a blink of eye,all of them screamed and jumped on the bed..ahhh entertainment to MY eyes =p was I imagining it?hmm Debbie and Deborah heard voices too earlier on...then Felicia Y "entertained" us with stories of robberies in her nieghbourhood and cases of slashing parangs and nitrogen explosion..which got some of us really scared?but hehe being God's Radical Young Girls..we encouraged each other that God will protect us,and at least we have each other.then Christine promoted her Picitonary..more like Ju Ping's Pictionary..but not everyone was interested.

then we played a game,better than Pictionary,a game that guys can never be caught playing during their sleepover or they'll be called sissies =p,a game that's like the best ever.nope,it's not Barbie dolls or masak-masak. we played "Spin the drum stick" =) but thanks to this game,it's where we really "berbonding",more like pillow talk.=)

what time did the guys sleep? 3 am?what?!let me hear it again...3 am?!!!..though some of the girls were knocked out by 4am or so..our winner is deborah/debbie..5 something!yay yay..both the Felicias were on the bed with jenn,while the rest just snuggle around the bed,in their mattresses/sleeping bags.

i woke up to birds chirping in my ears (cause i slept near the window)..when i woke up,i was like "where am i?what's this beautiful place?can this be the palace of my future prince?is this it?" then i heard SOMEONE snoring into my ears..and i'm like.."right..sleepover" everyone moved around,got cleaned up,showered,then off to devo.

we did the parable of the Rich Man.we went into deeper talk.abt being each other's Sister's Keeper =) and learning that we should keep our eyes on God,not let anything else hinder us.we have to surrender every part of our lives to God,let it be our studies,our decisions or finding the perfect guy,just everything!and also with God all things are possible.

then we had breakfast...we had nasi lemak,toast egg sandwhich,home-made soya bean and mee...yea..really thank God for the good hospitality =) yummy full brunch!before we bid farewell,we presented the Yaws with a gift,and prayed for them,then Joe came,(and ate some of the mee..hehe)we're off to church for YA!

all in all,i would say this is a great sleepover.though i wished there were more girls..but still,we had great fellowship!

something like this again soon?

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John said...


1 - Guys do play Truth or Dare... Though, with out lack of patience and quick thinking, we get to the point straight, play TRUTH AND TRUTH.. now play that so you don't be call... ..kekeke

- or better still come play with me kekeke we can all play about crush.. and i can tell you without hassling? ;)

2 - Though we slept at 3, we did not wake up later than appointed time and did not complain about feeling odd and sick during service ;) keke

angeliCassie said...


FeLiCia said...

haha...well its was really more to a 'bonding time' than truth or dare larr...but it was really fun!! shud do it again sumtime... wit more gals...

sweeteva89 said... the sleep over..
Truly fun + great time + great fellowship + scary moments + games + devotion + ...= FUN FUN FUN

Nirhal said...

aiyo... you ppl berbonding bonding untill the household cannot sleep. no good le.

heard the noise level was such...

guys win more points here too.

FeLiCia said...

really meh dat we gals was noiser than de guys?? haha...

angeliCassie said... this case,is better...dun bother =p we had fun,dun be sour...muahahaha