Monday, July 23, 2007

GRACE (notice)

Although our camp theme is G.Race or Grace, PLEASE be notified that I am not a person full of grace when it comes to registration...

PLEASE if you're 80% which I know most is already 100% going, Please sign up! So far there is only 4 signed up including me... So please help us in this and sign up this coming week. Can?

I know Malaysian always like to drag and drag, Let's change this, come on. It only 2 weeks away to closing date already.

Thank you,


~Kimmy 사랑~ said...

heh guess what? my church over here is going to have a Ball to celebrate the church's 10th Anniversary.. n the Ball is called GRACE also..

is to remember God's grace in this church.. hehe..

hope to join u all for YA retreat.. i miss them..

angeliCassie said...

haha it's actually G-race..yup we miss you too =)

Joleen said...

haha i cant join, have my own camp at the same date too :)