Sunday, July 29, 2007

proverbs 16:9

dear readers,

prayer last Sat was awesome,we started off praying for church camp and growth,and then divert our focus to thanking God for YA.short and simple,but meanigful prayers.=)

to get the ppl pumped,the chairman for that day,Toefl,got the guys to do pumping and the girls to do "the ear-pulling" thingy.and then worship started led by Joe.we had a special guest that day,Ps Matt from BOH.he gave a short sharing abt his plans and God's plans for him,directing our attention to proverbs 16:9-The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps..reminded us again and again,that whatever that the world has to offer is not God's plans for us.the world would tell you that you need a car,a house,a career,money and family,but those are not God's plans for us.though it is not wrong to have those things,but we must always be ready to give up our dreams and desires when God calls us for His purpose and will =) he also joked abt not understanding the term "la" that we,malaysians,are so used to.btw,he's an american,so that explains.hehe.

then we were spiltted up to our respective MAXIS group.and we were dismissed.

if you think this post ends here,you are wrong =p

weee cherry coke cherry coke,bro john kept his word..actually he did more,instead of giving out one,he gave out three cherry cokes and two vanilla cokes.thanks bro john =) and congrats aaron and edmund,but be careful,there's a "pencuri cherry coke"-yes,in church itself!you think i put this pic here for fun?though it's no more cherry coke giving period,i hope that you ppl,those who have not sign up,PLEASE sign up,DON'T WAIT.for a blue moon

most important highlight..bro john gave out these small papers,where we're to commit the names of the ppl we want to see coming to the Lord,continually praying to them and reaching out to them,bear in mind that you're responsible for these names that you write down,(remember what Ps Matt said?),and if they dun come to Christ,you MIGHT (might only ah) have to answer to God one day =) knowing the seriousness,i personally have not done it =/ and when you have written the names down,pls remember to place a copy of it on the GRYP board with your name below it =)

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