Tuesday, July 03, 2007


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greetings.it HAS been a loonnggggg time since i blogged here.i know i know.terrible me.so what did we have last week?passion?compassion?

YA started off with prayers...and weird that i kinda prefer prayer like it was last week..no one was assigned to pray on anything..no breaking into groups..everything was so spontaneous..and it was obvious that ppl are praying because they want to pray..just like that..can almost hear "Let The River Flow" in the background..yea..

then started off with worship..led by Joe and it was good worship =).off to games..okay ppl..watch me..*takes deep breath* buttercup,juwita,princess Nat,maid servant,michiru,coconute boy,waffle girl,clever *cough cough* boy,tofu-la,yiman,fei fei,supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,brown shoes,megatron,optimus prime,starscream,ahkerA1,liewsiewling,crunchy girl,pinky,scaredy cat *gasp for air*...i know there's no scaredy cat..i added that one in for Charis cause she chickened out and didn't do hers..i wonder if i miss anyone out?*shrug*

then it was sermon time..we had Pastor Brian in the house (during worship session,i thought i saw Pastor Nirhal -_-")..and his sermon was titled "Passion for God,Compassion for People"...he told us that there's 3 types of ppl in this world..the unreach ppl,the unsaved ppl and the unchurched ppl...and how can we cultivate a passion for God.first up,there's prayer.yes we all know prayer is powerful and how it should be a part of our daily life.but are you praying like Jeremiah?are you weeping and mourning for the ppl you pray for?does you heart cries out when you are filled with the burden of the lost?then ther;es the Word of God.Pastor Brian introduced us to the term "yoyo Christian"..well it was new to me..or not so..it's where believers swing from one side to the other..being up-really jolly and thanking God for everything,cause life is oh-so-great....being down-blaming God,being resentful towards Him just cause life isn't going your way.

and last but not least,our lifestyle...."you are the light & the salt".how many times have we heard this before?ppl are watching you..action speaks louder than words.the way you dress,talk,walk..everything.so i guess we should think twice or more before we say or do something,cause we hold a bigger accountability to the Big Man up there,and not just the leaders in church =)

we end the meeting last saturday with refreshments..why do they call it refreshment?don't ppl get slightly sleepy after eating?*shrug* so anyway,there were drinks and muffins and cakes and yea.we just hang out and eat and chat.

and that's all for the day.will be back next week,to bring you more news on YA =)

p/s:-yes ppl i googled up supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

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